In today's time, current affairs do not merely serve the purpose of updating yourself but also become a major part in the entrance exams. Most of the competitive exams dedicate a major portion to current affairs of India, in order to test the overall knowledge of the candidate. This is due to the growing dependency of people on the current affair information. Globalization has also played a major role in increasing the dependency of people on the current affairs. In 2011, many events have taken place which will become a part of the question papers of many entrance exams like IAS, IFS, bank exams etc. In order to prepare thoroughly for these exams, one has to read newspapers, or quiz books, or watch news channels.
It can be noted that recently, there has been increase in number of current affair questions in the IAS exam. There are many students who fail to clear the exams due to their low general awareness level. This indicates the importance of current affairs in our lives. Today, the education system has changed dramatically and adopted a much broader view of teaching the students. From the school level to the college level, everywhere focus is laid on learning of current affairs. School children take part in debates, quizzes and other such interesting activities that incline them to know more about the condition of the society. Such students get into the habit of reading a newspaper or watching news channels. The Government has focused on spreading awareness about the importance of current affairs through various programmes. Today, there are many television shows where students compete against each other based on their general awareness level. This exposure due the current affairs has made it an inevitable part of our lives.
However, the best way to prepare current affairs questions for IAS exams, is through practising quizzes. A quiz is an interesting platform which covers various areas such as economy, geology, politics, science and technology, mathematics etc. It provides an entertaining way for the student to gather new information and prepare well for the exams. A quiz follows a appealing format, where the difficulty level increases with every particular set up question. This holds the curiosity of the user and makes him/her indulge more while at the same time it provides the reader with beneficial information.

Thus, one should realize the importance of current affairs in our lives, the sooner one realizes, the better. Entrance exams like IAS dedicate a considerable portion to Current affairs section, which makes it unprescribed part of the exam syllabus. Quizzes are a preferred option to prepare the current affair questions, however one can also read the newspapers.

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