Most of the competitive examinations that are conducted in the country at different levels follow a well designed and structured process and pattern. In most of these exams, the candidate has to appear for the written test which is generally followed by group discussion and interview or other personality tests. SSC, CTET and CMAT exams are no exception as well and their exam pattern is more or less similar to as described above. In these exams, special emphasis is laid on the written test that consists of several sections to test the skills of the candidates. Sections based on aptitude, current affairs, reasoning, environmental studies, verbal reasoning are some of the most common sections that form part of the SSC and the CTET exams.

Student must understand and realize that to crack any exam and score high marks, he must make sure that he has done his basic preparations thoroughly. Since the first step for these exams is the written test, which may at times be conducted in two rounds, he must be well versed with all the sections that will be asked in a particular exam. For instance, the section based on current affairs and general awareness is consistently asked in the SSC and CTET exam. Hence every student needs to be well prepared with the general awareness and general knowledge based questions. The interesting part of this section is that it is very simple to prepare, least time consuming and highly scoring section. And at the same time, it holds equal weightage as other sections in the exam. Hence it makes more sense for the students to devote the required time and effort in preparing for the current affairs section.

There are various ways and resources through which the student can get to know about the latest happenings and events in the society. One of the best ways by which students can prepare for the current affairs question is through reading the newspaper or watching the news daily. This is simply one of the best ways and easily accessible at the same time. Students who want to prepare sincerely for the SSC and CTET exams should consider this method of preparation. Apart from this, there are several other general awareness and general knowledge magazines and books that are available and have the latest questions about different events. Whatever the resource is, students should put in dedicated efforts if they want to clear any of the SSC or the CTET exam.

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