Staff selection Commission or better known as the SSC conducts the combined graduate level examination for the recruitment of the candidates at various positions. The exam is conducted in various parts which may include the written test, personality test and Interview. The written test has a section on current affairs and general awareness which carries significant weightage in the overall paper. This is one of the 4 segments that come in the test and carries 50 marks. However, the section of current affairs in case of SSC recruitment is very simple and easy to score. A student who has little knowledge of the happenings and events that take place around him will be able to score good marks in the SSC exam.

Students must keep in mind that they should prepare for the current affairs well in advance. It is one of the most scoring sections in the SSC exams and can be answered in quick time. To prepare themselves for the exam and especially the current affairs and general awareness section, student should develop the habit of reading the newspaper daily. This is one of the biggest, accurate and most updated source of information. Any national newspaper may contain information about different sectors and areas such as politics, economics, sports, legal, business, technology etc. All these things are mostly asked in the general awareness section of the SSC exam. Hence going through the newspaper daily is one easy way to become aware of the events and activities that are occurring both in India and abroad.

In general, the SSC recruitment exam has 2 written tests that are conducted prior to the interviews. In both these written tests, a special emphasis is given by the conducting body on the section of general awareness. Their primary aim is not only to test the basic knowledge and aptitude of the student but also to ascertain how much he is aware of the general happenings and society. Hence it is very important to know about the current events. Television news, magazines and general knowledge books are other great source of information. It should be noted that general awareness questions are not only asked in the written test but also in interviews conducted for SSC recruitment. Hence it makes more sense for the students to be well prepared for all the sections so as to get good score and their favorite role.

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