Since our school times, our teachers and parents emphasize on studying the current affairs of India. Current affairs helps to broaden our thinking and perception. It gives us a clearer vision of the world we live in. This can be very helpful as we grow up, because it is always better to know more and be an educated individual in every sense. Education is not merely confined to textual knowledge; it deals with the knowledge of things around us. However, most of us think, that some current affairs like sports or technology are only for those who are interested in these fields. Especially with girls, they tend to associate these fields with the *masculine gender*. However, this is a myth and current affair information of any kind is very important to all of us. This is proved by many competitive exams, which make such fields a part of their question paper.

Earlier, entrance exams or any other exam was confined to the prescribed syllabus. Current affairs was only a term which had nothing to do with the real life. It was merely a mode to gain knowledge and had no impact on our academic lives. Times have changed now, so have the education system.

Today, education provides us not merely factual details but a holistic view of life. It acquaints us with every aspect of life, with the introduction of current affairs in the education system. We can now become active members of the on- going events in our country and make changes. This vision is encouraged by the introduction of current affairs in competitive exams like IAS. In fact, in many fields, it is formally declared that the maximum number of questions will be asked from the current affairs section. Thus, current affairs have become an essential part of our academic lives. This has also risen the importance of fields like sports and technology which were earlier associated with personal interests, are now a vital part of academics. Sports news was read or heard for mere entertainment and today, you find them in IAS question papers.

If you have to prepare for IAS exam or any other competitive exam, you have to make current affairs part of your preparation. Fields like sports, technology, political science or economics, hold importance and is an unprescribed part of the IAS syllabus. Their portion in the IAS question paper has increased in the recent times and aim to further increase in the number in the near future.

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