The Banking Sector has gained immense popularity not only in India, but all over the world. With the opening of numerous private sector and public sector banks, there is a huge vacancy for bank personnel. Many autonomous organizations have been set up, which help in the recruiting of bank personnel’s on a large scale. Various exams and interviews are conducted to recruit individuals for various posts in banks. These exams are very tough to clear and cover a huge syllabus. However, the most important questions, asked in the exam are related to current affairs of India. These questions aim at testing your knowledge of the general affairs taking place around you.

Banks offer a wide variety of courses which has made it the career choice of the decade. One of the most desirable jobs offered by banks is of a bank po. Bank po refers to bank probationary officer. Bank po is required in every bank, as they are required in every field. They carry out all the important functions in banks. However, due to its high demand, its selection procedure is very tough and requires a lot of hard work and dedication. The syllabus offered by the bank is huge and covers various fields. It is very important to focus on two things while preparing for the Bank PO exam- Vocabulary and current affairs of India. These topics cover the major area in any Bank PO exam and carry lot of marks.

However, you can gain information on both these topics by reading newspapers, or the internet or radio, television. This would not only help you extend your vocabulary but also acquaint you with current affairs taking place in your environment. You should be thoroughly prepared with current affairs of India, especially the affairs in the banking industry. However, subjects like quantitative aptitude and reasoning can only be achieved by regular practice for months. There are many model question papers available on the internet or book stores which provide you with previous year’s questions and the most frequently asked questions in the exam.

Therefore, if you prepare well, you can easily clear bank po papers. You should start preparing months before the commencement of the exam in order to score higher marks than the other candidates and reach the interview level. Academic knowledge is not enough to score well in the exam; you need to be well updated with the current affairs of India as well, in order to score better.

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