Current affairs is a vast concept, and is often misunderstood with General Awareness. While the former particularly signifies the events happening around for the past few years, the latter is used as a broader term including historical events and current issues as well. Nevertheless, both are essentially vital for cracking the competitive examinations nowadays. This year, simply having skilled knowledge in your subject won’t be sufficient for getting through an institution or job. The examination boards will be concentrating primarily on your general knowledge as well. With general awareness being extensively vast, it is imperative for the candidates to be fundamentally aware of the important topics to be considered. GK books, general knowledge quiz, sample questions and answers, and current affairs quiz are the best sources to learn about important events, and improve your knowledge.

Generally, the subjects considered under current affairs are specifically focused in evaluating general awareness of the candidate with respect to the environment, ecology, and it’s important application on the society. Questions are also designed to determine the knowledge in matters of day-to-day observation and experience. In addition to these, other significant events or issues happening across the Indian Political system, art and entertainment, economic and social system, geography, general policy, culture, latest scientific research, public administration, law and order, important innovations and inventions in botany, famous personalities, Physics, Chemistry, Astronomy or other subjects, honors and achievements, etc., are considered under current events.

However, this is only specific to India, and general knowledge also include international news as well. The topics of consideration will be the same as discussed above, but with a wider international significance. As such, it is important that the candidates keep themselves updated about all latest news, in any field across the world, to earn a wider grip over the subject. Read English newspapers dedicatedly on a regular basis, and watch television news for national and international news as well. Practicing with sample question papers available online and in books can also enrich your learning. Make your experience fun and exciting with online general awareness quiz, where you can judge yourself better, and improve the skills.

Thus, general knowledge for any competitive examination will comprise of current affairs India and international events and news as well. So, keep your ears and eyes open, and practice diligently with sample questions and online general knowledge quiz. Be sure of scoring high marks in at least one compulsory paper in competitive examinations.

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