The banking sector keeps introducing new techniques and strategies to keep up with its growing success. Its success graph has been growing at a commendable pace since the past few years and today it is one of the leading industries of India. However, it has not stopped its hard work and is still working towards its betterment. IBPS has been a loyal companion in this journey with the banking sector and has tried hard to resolve all the issues of its customers. IBPS is one of the largest recruiters of the banking sector and its recent endeavor has been the CWE in 2011. It is a common written exam which would be conducted in 2011 for direct recruitment into 19 well known public sector banks of India. However, many of us are unaware of this while others are confused about what all would be included in the exam. The syllabus can be confirmed by visiting the official website of IBPS; however one thing to be sure about is the inclusion of current affairs in the exam.

Common written exam (CWE) which would be conducted in 2011 is a new strategy to deal with the problems of the candidates applying for the exam. They have often complained about the lack of seats which often leaves them disappointed and disheartened. IBPS, being loyal to the banks and catering to the needs and desires of its customers, decided to introduce a way which would ensure well being of both ends. Thus, the CWE was introduced. Further, it will recruit individuals for the two most coveted jobs offered by the banking industry; Bank Clerk and Bank PO. These posts are high in demand and the largest number of candidates applies for this post. The direct recruitment would give a score sheet to all the candidates who clear this exam. Based on their marks in the exam; the candidates would be called directly for an interview if any vacancy arises in the 19 participatory banks.

Many candidates are confused about what to prepare. However, they should keep in mind that irrespective of what the syllabus includes, current affairs would carry high weightage. Current affairs would add the winning edge to the exam, therefore be prepared thoroughly. Due to stiff competition, you would have to prepare extra and top the preference list for interviews.

CWE in 2011 is a grand opportunity for those who had dreamt of being a part of the banking sector but lost the chance due to lack of seats. Here is your chance, and make the best use of it. Start preparing the current affairs of India, especially banking related information and prepare your syllabus thoroughly.

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