The role of current affairs is not merely confined to providing general knowledge. In today's time, current affairs hold academic importance. It has become a major portion of syllabus in many prestigious competitive exams and interview rounds. General knowledge is very important for us. It is a pre-requisite for survival in this vulnerable world and one cannot stay uninformed.

Current affairs today, act like means of communication, irrespective of boundaries, religious lines, sex, race, gender. It connects us together, makes us well knit specie of human beings.

We all need to communicate with each other in this fast moving world. We need to take out time and look around. Current affairs is the only medium which holds us together. It makes us aware and updates us with the current happenings around us. Current affairs make us active participants. They help us understand the true meaning of democracy where we can voice our opinions and claim rights on our property. Current affairs have become the voice of many who were unheard earlier and brought into light grievances of people who are ignored earlier.

Current affairs play an important part in entrance exams as well. They are an important part of recruitment for the post of Bank PO. The exam and even the interview round consists of general knowledge questions. One cannot clear these exams without having a thorough knowledge of the general affairs, as a major portion is dedicated to these affairs. After the exam, the interview session also includes maximum questions and answers related to current affairs. They aim to test your awareness level and ensure that you are highly educated by all means and not merely in textual knowledge. In Bank PO exams, general knowledge questions with particular reference to banking rules and regulations, and the entire banking sector are asked.

Thus, Current affairs dominate our lives, in today's world. They are everywhere. News spreads like wildfire due to modern technology and involves mediums like newspapers, magazines, radio, television etc. An individual who has high level of general knowledge is considered to be an intellectual being.

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