We see today a growing importance of current affairs in our lives. Our education system has changed drastically. Today it not merely presents textual knowledge but has included current affair information in its curriculum. This has made a major impact on the students. The students of today's generation are not only confined to academic knowledge, they have a more realistic view of life. They can easily voice their opinion in the class and take part in debates concerning the ongoing current events. Let us pay focus on how inclusion of current affairs in our education system is beneficial to the students as well as the teachers:
Knowledge of current affairs all around the world can help in productive discussions in the classroom. Students can become active participants and give their views on certain issues.
This will help nurture the relationship between a teacher and a student. Mere academic knowledge becomes a monotonous procedure and often severes the relationship of child and a teacher. Due to new and exciting topics, a new and open relationship will build up.
Reading of newspapers will acquaint the students with new words. This will help them increase their vocabulary which is very useful for writing purposes like essays, compositions, poems etc.
This will also enrich the bond between a student and his/her parent. A child will always look up to his parents for current affairs discussed in the class. This will not only lead the child into the habit of reading a newspaper but his/her parents as well.
Current affairs will enhance the perspective to understand the world. A child would gain insight into the real world and the functioning and a young age and thus be well informed.
Quizzes on current affairs can be held in the class. These quizzes will be an entertaining medium to provide information as well as help in active participation of every student.
Studying current events will help the students to understand the importance of people, events, and issues in the news; it will stimulate students to explore and learn more about the news, and to pay attention to the news they see and hear outside of school.

As we can see, Current affairs will have a major impact on the upbringing of the students. Its inclusion in the education system has gained popularity by the majority of parents who want their children to get into the habit of reading newspapers or watching news channels.

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