SSC exams and CMAT gain entry into two different fields of careers. However, they both are equally challenging. SSC allows entry into the non-gazzetted jobs in various departments of the government. On the other hand, CMAT ensures that you become a part of the top-notch management B-schools of India. However, there is one major pre-requisite to gain entry into either of these fields. It is the basic knowledge of the current affairs. Like every other competitive exam, they also demand a candidate with sound knowledge of current affairs and an open and broad way of thinking. Earlier, such competitive exams, confined the testing area to the academic field, but today they pay higher focus to the general awareness level of the candidate. Thus, any aspiring candidate is required to have good knowledge in this area, which can be attained through newspapers, quizzes, internet etc.

In this era, where everything is so inter-connected and inter-dependant, we are largely dependent on our daily supply of current affairs. We connect to the world through them and gain knowledge on the present condition of the world. Now, current affairs have also entered the academic lines. Any highly coveted field requires candidates who have good knowledge of the current affairs. For an aspiring candidate, textual knowledge is not sufficient to cut the stiff competition and prove him/herself capable for the aspired field of career. Two such similar exams which depend highly on current affair knowledge are CMAT and SSC. As we all know, every government job requires a good knowledge of the current affairs. SSC allows your entry into the government sector which works majorly for the public, so the personnel of such a sector must have a good knowledge of what is happening around them. They must realize the issues to resolve them. This is on the major reasons for SSC to highly depend on current affair knowledge to choose its candidates. Similarly, CMAT gains entry into the world of management. Again, here the candidate has to enter a world of business which is highly depending on worldly knowledge. A businessman, who lacks the knowledge of the world and cannot socialize, can never be successful.
Thus, the fields, management and the government sector require candidates with a high caliber and good current affair knowledge. Exams like SSC and CMAT ensure that the candidates have a high level of general awareness.

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