Every now and then we hear about an event that has taken place or a natural disaster that has occurred. This information helps us to stay aware and prepare ourselves for any problem in the future. Spreading awareness is the main responsibility of the current affairs. However, current affairs serve various purposes for different sects of people. For some, it can be mere means of entertainment, while for others it is an important medium to gain information on the current condition of our world. While these days, the importance of current affairs has risen, still the majority of crowd focuses on certain areas of information according to their needs and interests. There are certain areas like science and technology or business, which attract only a specific kind of crowd, thus have a lesser audience as compared to fields like the entertainment industry.

Categories like science and technology are completely ignored by the common man, unless he/she falls into the category of a "geek" or a techno-freak". Yes, these are the terms given to people who show interest in the current affairs related to science and technology. However, they are the ones who have maximum knowledge of the current scenario of the world. Why is it so? Mainly because today's world is driven by science and technology. It is the world of "techno-freaks" where everywhere you look around; you see a miracle of science or an invention of technology. The age old primitive way of living has been replaced by high- tech modern ways of living. It is a world of robots and space walks. In such a scenario, if somebody decides to stay aloof from current affairs related to science and technology, he/she has severed ties from the real world. With every year, there are new technological advancements and we must stay abreast with the news inventions taking place and the new prospects of growth. So if you are well aware of the current conditions of the science and techno world of 2011, you will better understand the direction of progress in 2012. A constant touch with these current affairs will build in the level of curiosity and help in your intellectual development.

Therefore, you must stay aware and gain maximum knowledge on the Current affairs in science and technology. There is the internet to provide you with all the information or the easiest way, i.e. the newspapers which dedicate a specific column to the world of science and technology.

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