You talk about any competitive exam and you cannot miss out on general knowledge, if you have to clear the exam. It has become an unprescribed part of the syllabus of almost all competitive exams. Current affair questions give these exams are more challenging edge and raises their standard. In fact, there are certain fields, like the Law exam, where it has been formally declared that majority of questions would include current affairs. Have we ever questioned ourselves, why is general knowledge so important? why is it necessary to update ourselves with current affairs? Well, we just need to look around, we will get the answers. We need to stay aware, and without staying connected to the world around us, we cannot succeed in any field, be it professional or creative.
You all know it well that civil service is the most prestigious career option in today's time. It is a dream to be a part of civil service. Union Public Service Commission (UPSC) conducts exams and interviews to provide a platform for the aspiring candidates to reach their dream. These exams are very tough and difficult to crack. One of the major compositions that make these exams even tougher is the current affairs. If you are not an avid reader of the newspaper, you can forget about getting anywhere even close to the civil services. Exams for all the services in civil services contain majority of questions about current affairs. Your knowledge about current affairs should not be limited to national affairs but should also deal with international affairs, politics, business, environmental issues, social evils etc. By making current affairs a part of their syllabus, UPSC aims to spread awareness regarding th importance of current affair sin our lives. In order to be working for the government, one must not merely be confined to textual knowledge, but should have a overview of the world around, the events that occur, etc. One should not only know his/her country but also be aware of its relations with the countries around, the problems prevailing in the society and be a part of the change.

Due to constant spread of awareness regarding current affairs, people have become active citizens. They have learnt to be a part of their country and take part in its decisions. Uttar Pradesh Service Commission also serves a similar purpose of recruiting a team of individuals who will be future representative of our country, who would stand as symbols of not merely textual knowledge but having a holistic approach towards life.

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