What do we all understand by the term "current affairs”? It is a recorded form of the events that have occurred lately. However, what significance do we attach do them, depends on us. Something that has devastated an entire family may hold least importance to us and vice-versa. We all wonder, why so much emphasis is laid on gaining knowledge about current affairs? Why can't we just consider it a piece of information and move ahead? How does something that has happened in USA affect us? Well, we just need to look around.

The world is full of danger; humanity has lost its essence due to the fight for power. In such world, why wouldn't be get affected? Every news whether it’s small or big would affect us in some way or the other. In 2011 many such incidents must have occurred that we are not aware about, it is not possible to be updated with every current affairs. However, we can stay updated with political scenario in our country, the GDP of the developed countries, Crises in a neighbouring country and so on. This would give us a vivid picture of the condition of today's world and a glimpse of the near future.

India is a developing country. It has shown immense progress in the recent past due to the intelligent minds that run this country. Its success is a result of the hard work performed in various fields, be it, the business sector, the agricultural ministry, the political performance and much more. All these areas are dominated by minds, who aim to take the country to the apex of success. However, if such minds are only confined to the events occurring in their own country, will they be able to succeed? Success requires learning. One has to learn from the success and failures of the other countries. We live in a globalized world.
All the countries are inter-dependant on each other for success or failures. In order to grow our economy we need to keep a track of the current affairs of the world. We need to be updated with their latest developments, failures and the reasons behind it. This would ensure that we do not repeat the same mistake again and improve our conditions. Globalization has diminished the lines of privacy. Today, everything is accessible through media. All the activities in all parts of the world are recorded through various means and maintained for future references.

Thus, Current affairs have become a medium to exchange important information between countries all over the world; it has given them a platform to share their problems, victories, developments etc.

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