Every day we hear news about something that happened around us or any anywhere in the world. Every incident has an impact, major or minor. It affects our lives in various ways and hence it is important to stay updated. Information on various incidents that occurred all over the world reaches to us in the form of current affairs. They not only update us but also spread awareness. Many consider it a mere piece of information in a newspaper or television while for some it changed their world. Current affairs carry the love, grievances, sickness, problems, victories and failures of many. It holds a different meaning to different group of people.
We consider current affairs mere gossip and news till it affects us. Staying updated helps you become a part of your country. In a multi-cultural country like India, where various sects of people co-exist, it is important to pay heed to the problems of each group. However, we as citizens are entitled to voice our opinion against injustice done to our fellow citizens. We can be active participants only if we are aware of the prevailing situations. Current affairs are a medium for us to practise full rights in a democratic country like India. It is through these current affairs that the voices of the unprivileged could be heard. In this unpredictable world, we can be the next victims. Current affairs will help us to stay prepared for future problems.
Current affairs have also brought the world closer. Exchange of confidential information between countries has led to peaceful environment in the world. The private boundaries have been erased which has made the countries more inter-dependant on each other. Current affairs have helped us to understand the cultures of various countries. This broadens our sense of perception and clears our vision. New technological advancements have also played a major role in spreading the current affairs like wild fire. Earlier, there were only limited mediums of communication and it took months to exchange important information. However, today, information from any part of the world can reach India in few minutes and vice versa.

Indian current affairs help us to communicate. They have become a common medium for countries all over the world to communicate and exchange ideas. It especially helps developing countries like India, which learn new progressive methods from various developed countries and learn from their mistakes.

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