Current affairs cover a wide variety of information. Every city/state has to offer a story which either create in us a sense of happiness or makes us anxious; at times it doesn't affect us at all. However, it spreads like wild fire, throughout countries, all around the world. It has become such an integral part of the today's life. Education has played a major role in this spread of current affairs. It has instilled in people a sense of awareness as well as responsibility towards one's own country. People are more active in the ongoing affairs around them and even volunteer to give opinions for the welfare of the society.

The year 2011 brought along with it many events, good and bad both. For some, it was an year of economic prosperity while some wish it had never come. India was shining with victory after finally winning the world cup after so long, however Japan was weeping due to death of millions of innocent lives. The impact of current affairs is such that, when people were congratulating India on its victory, when Japan was devastated, thousands had also forwarded a helping hand. Current affairs have removed the lines of privacy between countries and brought them together on one platform, where they communicate; share their visions, thoughts, ideas and experiences. What do they mean by Global Threat? It means a threat to the entire world, as a whole Current affairs not only acquaint you with day to day events and occurrences, they also aware you and update you with global threats, that can endanger the human lives. Awareness can help us stay prepared. We cannot sit at home thinking, it will not happen to us. We can be the next victims, and encounter the same episode that we just saw on television or read in a newspaper. Current affairs will not only broaden our perspective but also help us to understand better the working of various forces around us, institutions, politics, environment, etc.

Staying updated with Current affairs is very important. Indian current affairs are very useful for us, but our knowledge should be confined to that. We should have worldly knowledge you have a clearer vision. Unawareness often leads to a vulnerable state. Reading news papers and watching news channels should become a part of your lives. Once we get into the habit of reading newspapers, we will find it an interesting activity to do every day.

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