The media updates us with information every minute through mediums like news channels, newspapers, internet, magazines, radio etc. it is very important to stay updated in order to be vigilant. The human tendency is to get curious about every bit of information specially lives of famous sports stars, celebrities, politicians etc. this has led to a continuous flow of information through the various mediums to our lives. Any important event or incident that has occurred in our environment is analysed, recorded and presented to us. Every current affair has an impact in our lives eventually. However, current affairs are short-lived. Every gossip or interesting news is replaced by a new piece of information. Thus we are in continuous contact with the world. This helps us to increase our general awareness quotient and take precautions if any danger prevails in the society.
Today, the most famous people are the film stars, sports personalities, TV stars. Every child, adult, rich, poor, educated, uneducated know about them. This is because we are in constant touch with them through television, radio, magazines, newspapers, internet, banners and hoarding on the streets, advertisements etc. Thus they have become a part of our lives. Every child constantly seeks personal information about his famous sports star or any celebrity. They influence our lives in a very strong way. For example, many people would buy a particular brand of soap because his/her favourite celebrity endorses it on the television. Thus unlike, events or incidents that are replace by new ones. Famous personalities stay into the picture for a longer period of time. Critiques have blamed the media for this. They allege that the media manipulates the audience by showing them what they want to and omitting the actual occurrence of events. They accuse the media of ignoring important events and focusing on the lives of sports stars or television stars. Thus, a lot of people are connected to the news channel but are least knowledgeable. They would know everything about the life of a famous star but would not be aware of the condition of farmers in the remotest areas of India. What the critiques fail to realize is that if media has played an important role in making a sport star famous, it has also helped in bringing into light the grievances of many underprivileged people. It has played a major role in finding justice too many such people who would have been supressed by the rich class and the people in power. At the end, it is the people who choose to decide what information they want to pay attention to and how will it affect their lives.

However, in spite of the allegations put on the media; it continues to play a major role in our lives. Every individual depends on the media to serve him/ her with information from all around the world. For many the media has been a saviour, helping them to redress their grievance while for others who have committed crimes under the veil of power and status, media has been a curse. Media spreads the information through current affairs which can be the personal life of a sports star, a corrupted event, or a business deal.

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