Current affairs have become an important part of our lives. They provide us with all the information from all the parts of the world. Current affairs can comprise of events or incidents that have taken place, or the ongoing activities of a place or a thing. News papers, radio, television and internet are the mediums to spread current affairs throughout the world. However, many people underestimate the value of information related to technology or environmental affairs, thinking that such topics are of least importance. However, one should know that all fields are inter-connected and these affairs are a part of our community, they will affect us sooner or later. Therefore it is important to be updated with not only news related to politics or business, but all the other important fields around us.

Technology information? Why should that bother me? This is the usual reply of people when asked about technology related current affairs; they consider it the job of people related to this field to stay updated in this department. However, they work for us; they build new gadgets for our convenience. If we need any betterment in this field, we have to take active participation in the news related to technology. It would update us with all the new gadgets available in the market, the gadget gurus who have contributed to the technological advancements and many other exciting information.

Environmental current affairs are equally important. Environmental issues are a major problem all over the world, the complete depletion of some resources is a hazard which needs to be dealt with, carefully. However, in order to be educated in this field, and learn to curiously use the resources provided by nature, we need to stay updated in this field. Environmental Current affairs would acquaint us with information related to the environment around us and teach is methods to avoid exploitation of the surroundings. We have to take active participation in order to save our nature. However, we need to have ample information on the subject, in order to start working upon it. There are many social movements today, which spread the message of environmental education amongst the youth.

Thus, we should know technology and environmental related news information as it is also vital and should become a part of our lives. These are areas which are very important for our survival. If we take active participation in these areas, we can live a much happier and healthier life.

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