Jammu Kashmir is one of the territories of the India which is filled with natural beauties. Moreover, it is always in news for several negative reasons such as terrorist attack and suicide bombers. However, the government of India taking care of its peace. Additionally, the role of media in Jammu Kashmir is very vital to bring the news and provide to people without any bias. However, the trend of providing state news to the people is very popular among people as they get more concentrated news regarding their society and surroundings. India news covers state news such as Punjab news, Jammu Kashmir news, Haryana news, UP news and others.

Overall, people need to stay updated with news most importantly comprehensive news which covers all parts such as international news, national news and state news. Further it is more categorised in terms of providing multiple aspects of news such as sports news, entertainment news, health related news and others. People like this way of delivering or presenting the news as they can easily navigate to their particular sections and read or view the India news.

Another important advancement that enhances the pace of the news delivery is internet as it provides services to get instant access to the important news. There are multiple online portals available over the web that provides latest news according to the state and multiple categories such as Jammu Kashmir News and other state news. Moreover, people can easily access to the web via their phone to get current news of the particular state.

When it comes to cover states such as UP news and other news, it is highly imperative that media personnel must be unbiased and very agile to cover each section precisely. Therefore, people prefer to get their local news along with the national and international news.

The strategy of bringing state news has been succeeded and most of media personnel such as print and broadcasting media start presenting UP news and other state news properly. However, some of the state which is more critical and sensitive such as Jammu Kashmir, Jammu Kashmir news must be very safely and propel compiled and delivered. Thus, it has been considered that India news is the best tactic of the media personnel to cover each section of the society properly and thoroughly to highlight the news in front of the all across globe.

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