This is a new year and there are many changes that are happening very rapidly. There are various prestigious news channels. Thus, it becomes easier for a common man for staying informed. Headline news can be heard for knowing about several topics such as market promotions, political activities, sports , stock rates and various other things. People are always wanting to get the most current news. For reaching a large number of audience, news headlines are frequently telecast by various news channels. This is done for 2 to 3 hours on a daily basis. Many technological advancements have been made. Latest today news can be heard. This is possible through an online mode as well. some news companies are having good websites for the provision of headlines. There is always a streaming technology. In addition to that, one will never will the need for downloading things or hearing the latest news headlines.

As it was said earlier, there are a variety of topics including politics and sports. They are covered under the headline news. Various methodologies are used by the news channels for delivering the news headlines that are latest. There are various strategies of categorical descriptions. For example, news about business, sports and politics are individually telecasted. Moreover, all news is combined and is then transmitted in various slos. Then, as a viewer, the television channel should be selected for getting today News. A very vital factor in this case is the reliable information. Whether the medium is television, radio or various newspapers, there should be complete resources of information. If newspapers are read by people on a daily basis, they should look at brands for highest circulations. Suggestions can also be obtained from neighbors and colleagues. While selecting the television channels, one must make sure that a dependable brand is being used. However, the ma

in intention of various news channels is the commercialization. News is presented in such a manner so that the highest viewership is attracted. In other words, there is exaggeration of current news.

There has been an emergence of radio as a convenient and a compatible medium. Thus, people can get some good information. There are various radio stations where updated information is provided. One can also come to know about entertainment and headlines today. This can be about anything related to architecture, entertainment or showbiz. Moreover, complete attention is not demanded by the listeners. This is biggest advantage of radio. A person can listen to radio while eating, driving, cooking or watching television.

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