Choosing wedding decorating is no easy task. There are so many details and styles to define that the list never seems to come to an end.

For the more intimate couples, nothing is better than to look for inspiration in the latest trends. For the wedding decorators in Dubai, in the universe of decoration, everything happens around the styles. You can choose one of the decorative styles or merge between your favorites. At this very special moment, the important thing is to define the style with good taste and harmony.

Let’s know current wedding trends with us as wedding decorators in Dubai:

1. Natural style
The outdoor wedding will continue to be a major trend of wedding decoration. One must take advantage of all the beauty that nature provides. There is nothing more charming than having the altar decorated harmoniously in the middle of nature and with the sunset.

Characterized by more rustic, simple and natural style, that style does not need much to surprise the guests.

2. Bows in the shape of garlands
The altar is the most special and sacred place in a wedding ceremony. It should have a light and romantic touch expressing the couple's identity. The trend is the arches in the shape of garlands decorated with flowers and foliage.

3. Abuse of earthy and rosy tones
The earthy and rosy tones are with everything to achieve a chic and elegant decoration. Greenery will remain strong in the decoration while remaining the concept of nature, freshness and lightness.

4. It is the turn of the geometric prints
If you want to give a modern and relaxed touch to your wedding decor, you can bet on the geometric prints without fear. The chevron is one of the standards that will make your decor even more beautiful.

5. Marble, metalized and acrylic parts
These themes can be present in various elements of the wedding party, such as welcome cards, invitations, cake, tags and small items of decoration. Bet for a glamorous decoration!

6. Parts with meanings
How about using the wedding decoration to tell a little bit about the couple's story? Invest in pieces with personal meanings and value the ambience of the party even more. This type of decorative item leaves the atmosphere more intimate and the face of the bride and groom. But, of course, the objects should match the style chosen for the decoration.

7. Oval cakes
Do you know what your wedding cake will look like? The trend of wedding decoration is to bet on new formats, such as oval cake, simple and more discreet.

8. Gastronomic islands
Invest in a gastronomic island, besides helping to serve the food of the party in a dynamic way, can leave the decoration more beautiful. A beautiful gastronomic table with desserts, leaving the cake and some sweets to the exit, is a good option.

9. Succulent plants
Perfect for a rustic and natural decoration, the succulents have everything to shine. If you do not want to invest in traditional flowers, the succulents can be part of the decoration and can even be used as souvenirs for the party guests.

10. Custom objects
Personalize is the key word of the wedding decorators in Dubai. The decoration has to be authentic, in order to make the wedding in a unique and unforgettable moment that will be marked forever in the memory of the bride and groom and all the guests.

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Do you know what your wedding cake will look like? The trend of wedding decoration is to bet on new formats, such as oval cake, simple and more discreet.