The fashion industry is in constant growth and retailers, who do not innovate too fast, will lag behind. Significant areas where fashion and apparel retailers need to bring in innovation is customization, as fashion-loving consumers want to feel from a store that the clothes they buy are uniquely suited to them.
This personalization is already initiated to happen at the upstream in the design stage. Using technologies such as data learning and machine learning, it is now possible for fashion makers to gather and analyze consumer preferences and use the results to direct the design and manufacturing process.

New phase of customization with Apparel design software:
We are going inside the era of mass customization. According to Deloitte Consumer Reviews, 50 percent of customers have shown interest in buying custom products or services along with some of the other products categories like Apparels. The author of the report says: Businesses that do not include customization through software will lose revenue and customer loyalty in the near future.

But, while talking about the fashion' customization seems a complicated subject. Even if the size of the customers are the same' different people have different body shape, color preferences, and style expectations.

Therefore, to truly personalize the fit and style, you have to understand the details and creation behind each style and its consumers buying psychology.

A startup named TrueFit from the USA has developed data-driven personalization platform for the retailers which is offering vast database for apparel and footwear styles and fittings in partnership with big market players and brands, retailers as well as millions of customers.
Online world giants such as Amazon and Google are doing in-depth research and working on projects for creating customized clothing for the visual content making the engagement of the person. This also includes the types of clothes a person purchases through the website.

Customizing the experience:
Customization is not just about optimizing products. Customizing the entire shopping experience enables the retailers to reach close to the customers in this tech-driven era where customers purchase process are distributed among various channels and way to buy takes either some minutes or many months.

By using personalization techniques, websites can see and analyze the browser's history for better acknowledging the customer's preference. We all are familiar with mails which we get from apparel or other product-oriented enterprises saying, "You were viewing Product X, and you may also like Product Y."

We know such type of recommendations are based only after analyzing browsing history and an algorithm, which selects products that are often purchased by customers having the same habits as well as tastes & preferences. This makes the customer feels that the website knows about their interest and feels personalized. Moreover, customers do expect this to do the same from a brick and mortar store.

Therefore, if you really want to provide excellent options for attracting customers on the store, it is essential to offer customized experience along with customization of apparels through apparel design software

iDesigniBuy in the apparel customization segments offers high-end solutions which are advanced and is developed on the latest technology platforms to cater to the needs of an enterprise.

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