Walking shoes are becoming a new trend in the fashion industry, with millennials taking the driving seat to decide and what and how they are to be manufactured. In work from the home era, young buyers are trading hyped-up sneakers for practical and comfortable shoes that also highlights their fashion statement also take care of their foot. Understandably, manufacturing products that meet such wide expectations is a tedious task, hence customization. The new business trend enables companies to take care of their customer while garnering profit, and taking this notion to the next level is custom shoe designing. The custom-made solution holds the expertise of incorporating various demands put forth by the user by allowing them to design their fashion pair of sneakers that are also comfortable for feet.

Custom Design Shoes Enables Brands to Lure in More Customers

People for ages have prioritized comfort while buying shoes; however, since the last year, practical walking shoes are emerging as a prime attraction among modern buyers as well as older citizens who are leading a post-retirement life. From the past year to the current one, the pandemic has led people to incline more towards health and comfort over presentability as more people continue to work remotely. The outbreak of the pandemic and staying at home for long hours has made us realize that we want to be cosier and more practical than we thought we wanted to be. And footwear is the latest retail domain that has been transformed due to lockdowns across the globe. In December, both UBS and Bank of America noted that many footwear giants witnessed growth in their web traffic. The surge in online traffic is attributed to the fact that people are more willing to buy from ecommerce storefronts along with the DIY option.

Let us explore many factors contributing to the rise of custom-made shoes:

1.The emergence of Coolness and Comfortability

Footwear is regarded as a status symbol for a long time; however, the situation evolved as the young buyers took over the fashion market and changed the way the industry was looked upon. They prioritized comfort over everything else, even the appearance. Generation Z and millennials fueled the "ugly fashion movement," which favors more comfortable, practical clothing and dressing ugly as irony. Uncool and unheard companies successfully gained the attention of these young buyers, which compelled the leading fashion giants to change their game plans and adhere to the latest demands and shopping patterns adopted by the buyers. They are known lovers and explorers of sports, and they prefer shoes that help them perform these activities.

Likewise, the customized shoes online enable brands to let their buyers hold over the production process and meet their demands. The customization solution comes with a digitization feature allowing your buyers to design their shoes in the ways they want. The tool offers them the chance to prioritize their comfort and health while also keeping their fashion and style intact.

2.The surge of Purposeful Shopping

The consumer priorities are shifting, and they are becoming more inclined towards responsible shopping, and the brands need to adjust with this tectonic shift. For instance, Generation Z is now nearly equal in volume, and they're driving over half of consumer spending growth. With that comes an emphasis on a no-rules approach to fashion. Purposeful purchasing, the younger consumer drives another trend, will shape the industry in the years to come. This means that sustainability, social concern and cultivating a cause will be top of mind for brands and a key factor for consumers when purchasing.


In a nutshell, the millennials are tricky shoppers, and to meet their dynamic requirements; brands always have to be on their toes. This may appear a daunting task, but with the help of a fashion-tech company, the brands can pace up with the demands. The custom shoe designing by iDesigniBuy enables fashion houses to comply with the latest market needs and accordingly revamp their business model. Its customization tool offers flexibility and a modern-day solution that will help footwear manufacturers and retailers to stand tall in the luxury market.

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