You can add great value to your home through the introduction of custom wood doors that have rich grains and highly decorative handles; there is no better way to make a personal statement about your home. The entrance to your house is what everyone encounters first, choosing an elegant door will go a long way in creating a lasting impression and enduring appeal for anyone who enters you house; combine that with a superb handle and knocker and you have created a lasting ambiance for your family and visitors. With custom wood doors you can actually create a defined character for your home; no matter what everything else in the home looks like, you should use your doors to reflect the image you want for your house.

Choose the wood, the look and the color: Those who are truly looking for a custom door that brings some air of uniqueness and a rich and warm appearance, there are choices to make from rich woods such as cherry, firm, oak, maple or mahogany. These can be stained in a variety of finishes so as to match the exterior of the house and also showcase the rich vertical grain of the timber; always insist on the longest lasting high quality finishes and stains.

Custom windows to match: You can increase the amount of light that enters your home by installing stained glass, clear glass or several types of textured or fostered glass types. If you want a dose of privacy, you want to ask that a peephole be installed on your solid-wood custom door. Even though solid wood doors are quite heavy, this is your first choice when you want to lock out intruders or any elements of nature.

Different types and styles: When you are considering custom doors for your front entrance, you may want to have them specifically designed with sidelights installed on them. This refers to vertical windows that are masterfully placed on one side or both sides of the hand crafted door. There are also some custom doors that come with a wood framed window that is placed above the door. You also have a choice between double side by side doors or a single door.

Match with the other amenities: You can choose to match your custom door with the style of your house for even better results. You may want to exchange your traditional glass door with some French doors for instance. You can also carefully choose different doors that are suitable for other rooms such as the kitchen, the bedrooms, the garage as well as the basement. One of the greatest advantages of custom doors is their resilience and ability to shut the keep the outside noise where it belongs.

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