Anyone who has rolled ground spices knows how messy things can get in the process without a rolling tray. Precious dry herbs can get lost on the surface you roll on, the stickiness of the herbs can get all over hands, clothes and other surfaces. Rolling papers can be extremely difficult if not guided on a flat or stable surface.

However, like many other dry herb issues, there is already an invention that addresses all of these issues and gives you a more satisfying rolling experience. This invention is known as custom rolling trays and this is what it achieves.

Here at we offer a wide selection of roller trays for our customers. Smoking a cigarette can sometimes be a very messy endeavor, and what's even worse is that you can sometimes spill some of your precious tobacco or legal smoke spice filler on the floor because you're not careful enough.

A rolling tray is very similar to a cafeteria tray that holds all of your food in place except for your smoking and rolling accessories. The idea behind the weed box is that it has one flat surface and is usually much more decorative. Herb shells are recessed into surfaces and raised edges so you can have a flat surface while rolling.

This helps so that you can catch any spices that may come out during the grinding or rolling process. While custom trays can vary in size and shape, they are usually rectangular in nature.

Stop both problems with a roulade. Grab your filler, tissue paper and tips and place them on this roulade. Roll out all your custom smoke and then quickly clean up by collecting all the loose filler in this roulade and putting it back in your pouch. No more mess and no more waste.

Rolling trays are the perfect accessory for smokers, whether you use glass, vaporizers, tissue paper or wraps. Hold your spice while grinding or loading bowls! Choose from hundreds of sizes, images and styles to find the one that suits you best. Start your collection today by browsing through the top brands and manufacturers.

RollYourOwnPapers handmade roller trays are all about convenience. Not only are they made from the finest American wood, but we've also designed every weed roulade to make scooping and storing your herb easier than ever.

At RollYourOwnPapers, we are committed to quality, which is why we only buy American walnut. Our products are always made from solid wood. Each tray is then finished with linseed oil to give it that distinctive shine. We only use non-toxic ingredients that will never affect the quality of your herb. We also have a wide variety of pre-rolled cone rolling papers from the brand, which are perfect for anyone who smokes a lot of cigarettes and doesn't want to roll papers.

Since we expect you to use only the best quality herbs, we have ensured that our products come from all-natural, safe ingredients. At RollYourOwnPapers we have so many trays these days because every smoker rolls differently and we want to make you all happy!

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