Custom stickers are being extensively used for advertising these days. They have quite a few advantages over the conventional means of advertisement. With their low cost production, many businesses prefer to use custom stickers in order to save up on costs. Still, they are able to have a strong impact on the customers and are regarded as highly useful when it comes to promoting any company or its products. While people count in the many advantages of custom stickers in terms of cost saving and effectiveness, they fail to realize the good impact of custom stickers on the environment. It would not be wrong to claim that advertising through custom stickers involves no pollution.

There are numerous techniques you can choose to make reasonable, practical and convenient sticker. Such as, highly glossy stickers and Matte Paper stickers’ collection are not only for the manifestation that it gives your prints along but also have special design functions. Highly glossy stickers appeal to the sparkle and attractiveness of your sticker design and lusterless custom stickers can be printed over so you can enter the specifics that you want to convey through these stickers

Firstly, sticker printing requires minimum amount of paper. You will have to use a lot more amount of paper in case you go for any other means of print advertisement. As the forests around us shrinking fast, we need to take the responsibility of conserving them. Custom stickers do exactly the same by saving the amount of trees cut for paper..

Secondly, custom stickers printing for advertisement is also highly effective because the stickers are meant to stay around for a long period of time. While other means of advertisement are exposed to the public for only a limited time, stickers stick around for an extended period of time. Hence, you end up saving a lot less amount of paper on these stickers than you would have been using with any other means of print advertisement.

Many sticker printing companies now use the UV curable inks. These inks avoid the volatile organic compounds which have proven to be harmful for the environment. While usual inks still use solvent based inks which have a high concentration of volatile organic compounds, the new UV curable inks used in sticker printing are not only environment friendly but are also producing great results in terms of quality.

Custom stickers are also environment friendly when it comes to advertising because they involve no sounds. It is a fact that noise pollution today is affecting our lives to a great extent. Stickers are simply meant to be read and hence, they are not contributing to the already spread sound pollution around us.

Advertising through sticker printing also helps save paper as you can come up with a lot of stuff on a relatively small piece of sticker. Stickers do not usually come in large sizes; hence, one has to fit in all the content in the available space. Hence, eventually, the amount of paper used is being saved, which is a great contribution in saving the environment and avoiding pollution.

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