The growing consciousness for health has made the common man more concerned about what they are eating. The awareness of nutrition and its profound impact over health has convinced many to weigh their eating habits, so that they don’t fall pray off failing health problems aroused because of increasing pollution, busy life style, day-to-day stress, increased consumption of inorganic food products, etc. This awareness has increased the market of dietary supplements ; especially because of the deep emphasis of medical as well nutrition sector over the need of right kind of vitamins and minerals. However, the common man often tends to get confused with dilemmas like what is the right kind of health supplement for him and how he can know about it? Custom vitamins are the right answer to all such perplexes.

What is Custom Vitamin?

All human body is dependent on proper nutrition for a sound health, but the nutrition requirement varies. Depending on age, sex, vitamin deficiency, and various other medical factors, the nutrition requirement of an individual can be decided upon. Hence, custom vitamins are the right kind of dietary supplements for one in need, because these vitamins are customized as per the requirement of a particular individual. Various tests are conducted to track the exact requirement of the customers, and then the vitamins are prescribed upon. Custom vitamins are prepared on a full customized basis through proper scientific assessment, when someone demands for it. One longing to get customized vitamins needs to send urine sample to any renowned relevant chemical testing lab. Lab makes the assessment and reverts back with a summary, explaining all about the individual’s body and nutrition deficiency. Based on the assessment, custom vitamins are prepared and delivered to the concerned person’s doorstep in packet of 30 day supply.

What steps are done to prepare the Custom vitamins?

Custom Vitamins are prepared considering the gender and age of the concerned individual, as the body requirement changes with the growing age. Besides, the following things are tested upon:

Sulfates – Deficiency of Sulfates can be concerning, so if found in low quantity then the custom vitamins are provided with extra nutrients to push the body back to the normal and required sulfate level.

Nitrates – Deficiency and adequacy of nitrates in the body, both can be dangerous, so it’s important the custom vitamins must have the right amount of nitrate. Otherwise it may happen that someone with adequacy of nitrate continues to consume it more or someone with deficiency fails to consume it.

Lipid Peroxides- These can be damaging to the blood vessels and cells as reactive fats formed by free radicals. So if the quantity of these increases in the body, then the body requires antioxidant. Lipid Peroxides got other sources as well like fast food, inhaling of exhaust fumes, diet, environment, etc.

However, it is to remember that vitamins are not medicines. These are not a cure, but these support the body and allow it to function in proper way. Also, vitamins keep the body stable and enhance its self-healing and immunity capacity.

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