Customer service representatives have to handle numerous job responsibilities. They interact with the clients in response to their queries and provide necessary solution. They have to handle the customer complaints and assist the customers in opening accounts for different utilities like electricity, gas, telephone, etc. When you are applying for such position, you need to include all the necessary skills in your application to impress the employers and get the desired job opportunity. If you don’t know how to write the job application for such jobs, you can follow the customer service resume tips provided here. These tips will help you to a great extent in designing a winning resume and get you the job opportunity you are waiting for.

Customer Service Resume

If you are applying for the customer service position in any company, you must first know the job duties of a customer service representative. Here are some major job duties associated with this position:

• Handling the customer complaints
• Dealing with the clients
• Answering the calls
• Processing the orders
• Writing to the customers
• Administrative duties

Make sure that you can handle these job duties efficiently. Now we will proceed to the basic tips for writing the customer service job application.

Customer Service Resume Tips

Target your CV

Write your application to target the employer’s requirement. Career objective statement is the first part in any application after the contact details of the applicant. This statement will include the career goals of the applicant. Make sure that the career goal you present in your CV is relevant to the customer service position. Your entire application must be targeted around this career goal. It should explain to the employer why you are most appropriate candidate for this position and what you can offer to the organization if you are hired. Going through your objective statement, employer should get an immediate idea of your capabilities and skills. You need to simplify your details and present them in the best possible way. The more you simplify, better will be your chances of getting an interview call.

One more option to target your application to the applied position is to use the career summary. This will be the summary of your professional career that will list your major accomplishments, total years of experience, strengths, major skills, etc. You can either use an objective statement or a career summary but not both. Depending on your interest, you can decide the section you want to use in your CV.

Highlighting your Skills

Customer service job is mainly based on the skills of the applicant. There are numerous skills required for this position. Below is the list of major skills required:

• Clerical skills
• Computer literacy
• Written and verbal communication
• Interpersonal communication
• Decision making ability
• Reliability and consistency
• Office management
• Customer retention

All these skills in your CV will make it impressive and effective. For better impression on the employer, you can provide short description about each skill. You can explain to the employer how and where you earned these skills and how it helped you in your previous jobs.

Not giving proper attention on presenting your details is the major reason for not getting an interview call. I would recommend you to go through your application once you finish writing. This will help in minimizing the errors and maximize your chances of getting your dream job. You can also refer the customer service resume templates for designing your application with minimum efforts.

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