Here are a few “Do’s and Don’ts” to follow as you learn to craft and master your own individual customer-centric brand image:

1. DO: Take the time you really need to thoroughly define your desired personal brand. If you don’t know what you want to stand for, it’s 100% guaranteed your customers don’t either.

2. DON’T: Assume your image is doing “just fine.” You’ll never know how your own brand is really doing until you take proactive action to find out.

3. DO: Ask customers as often as you can to tell you about your strengths and your weaknesses. Be open to their feedback - you may be surprised by what you hear.

4. DON’T: Only focus on feedback you want to hear… sometimes, the toughest responses to listen to are those that can make the biggest difference in the success of your own brand.

5. DO: Learn about body language. You will out find how comfortable customers are with you, and you’ll also discover if you are projecting an image to your customers that isn’t really “you.”

6. DON’T: Assume body language isn’t an issue for you. Not sure? Find a way to videotape yourself as you approach and/or work with a customer. It’s an eye-opening experience!

7. DO: Create a short memorable “sound byte” that encapsulates what you want your desired brand to be. Keep it top of mind while you are speaking to an existing or new customer. You’ll be more likely to act according to that desired brand if you do.

8. DON’T: Believe that building a successful image for yourself only involves what you do that can be seen and heard. Truth is: Your thoughts and the way you perceive yourself as a customer-focused individual will have a significant influence on the ultimate success and outcome of the personal brand you communicate.

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Brenda Bence is an internationally-recognized branding expert, certified executive coach, professional speaker, and award-winning author of the How YOU™ Are Like Shampoo personal branding book series. As President of Brand Development Associates International. Brenda now travels the world speaking, training, and coaching individuals and companies to greater success through corporate and personal brand development.

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