Are you planning to give your car that sleek, urban look and at the same time, improve its handling for the ultimate driving experience? You might want to look into adding coilovers into your car. Coilovers are often used in car detailing or customization, and it is quite possible for you to add this aftermarket auto part right in your own home. Or if you are not all too confident about your auto mechanic skills, you can also seek help from a professional. There are coilovers designed for specific car makes and models, like BMW coilovers and Subaru coilovers. And it is quite possible for you to find one that would best meet the specifications of your car.

Perhaps the question you have right now is why you would want to install coilovers into your car. Coilovers are automobile suspension devices that consist of a shock absorber with a coil spring around it. The shock absorber and the coil spring are assembles as one unit before installation and they are also replaced as a single unit should the shock absorber leak. Coilovers give optimal damping minus the torsional loads. They also allow the adjustment of the ride height and stiffness.

This is possible through a simple threaded spring perch that is quite similar to a nut. There are also more advanced coilover systems that have a threaded shock body along with a lower mount that allows the adjustment of ride height and an adjustment knob for adjusting damping or what is commonly referred to as the stiffness. In other systems, the spring rate also affects the stiffness.

There are several coilovers available in the market - from BMW coilovers to Subaru coilovers. It is recommended to use coilovers that are designed for the kind of car you have for best results. You can check with your local auto shop for what kinds of coilovers are available, and it is also possible for you to do your shopping online. If you are not sure what you are looking for, it is best to seek help from your trusted mechanic.

It does not take much to purchase BMW coilovers or Subaru coilovers. If you want to change the way your car looks without having to bust out your budget, try to consider this kind of option. And if you have the right kinds of skills and the right kind of guide, you can do the whole job of installing coilovers right in your own garage.

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