Medical chart review involves the close scrutiny of vital medical documentation, and needs to be done with great precision. This is an important process as far as medical-legal entities are concerned. Insurance companies having to deal with numerous personal injury and other cases, attorneys and physicians involved in medical litigation, case/chart review firms -- all require organized medical record review. The in-house staff can be relieved of time consuming and complex medical chart review, if this task is outsourced to a dependable medical review company. The main advantages when an external entity takes care of this job is that you get more quality time to focus on aspects of your profession that call for personal attention.

Perfectly Tailored Solutions

When medical record review is provided by a firm that is deeply concerned about individual client requirements, you benefit from perfectly tailored medical chart review delivered within the required turnaround time. Usually, the medical review team comprises physicians, nurses, documentation specialists, editors and proofreaders. They provide specialty specific chart reviews, ensuring that the medical case history and chart summary provided are flawless. Here is an overview of the medical review services you can expect.

• Medical record organization – the various medical records are organized according to type
• Medical case chronology – a detailed timeline of all medical encounters is created
• Medical case history and summary – relevant facts/data are extracted from the records and concise summaries prepared

Following close review of the medical records, all relevant information in them are extracted and summarized. Precise medical summaries highlight the important data embedded in the complex medical documentation, making it easy to identify the significant aspects of a case. Another noteworthy feature about reliable medical review service is that it helps track down any missing medical records that may prove to be important at some stage.

Benefits of Customized Medical Chart Reviews

Medical chart audits personalized to meet individual client requirements are just what busy medical professionals, lawyers and other entities that have to handle voluminous medical records are looking for. Apart from the customization aspect, these services come with other benefits as well.

• Dedicated workforce with a project manager assigned to each client
• Excellent accuracy ensured through multilevel QA process
• Absolute HIPAA compliance
• Customized turnaround time
• Responsive customer service
• Service round the clock with the help of onshore and offshore support staff

The task of finding a competent provider of medical chart review service is rather challenging. It is vital that you associate only with a company that is focused on ensuring customized services that will meet and even exceed clients’ expectations. The medical review firm you partner with should be a virtual extension of your office, where you feel comfortable and relaxed. It should give you the assurance that your entire medical record review process is taken care of exceptionally well, so that you can confidently devote your time to your core business processes.

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