Are you looking for some interesting, handcarved wooden birds in Budivis, Bali? We have found the answer to this question for you. Wooden birds decorations are great pieces of interior and exterior décor. They give life and color to any place where you keep them. The best part of these cute, little decorations is that they prove to be great gifts for your loved ones, especially on festive occasions.

Whether you want to pick from some of the best wooden birds table decoration pieces, or hanging garden décor, you can find all what you want on Here, you are sure to get just the type of wooden birds you had in mind, in all shapes, sizes and colors.

While you are sure to be enamored by the choices you find on this website, we like to bring your attention to five best wooden birds model in Budivis, this month. These are some of the top-selling models that sell like hot cakes, and are in great demand by people, who love to place these realistic bird figurines in different places inside and outside their homes.

Top 5 wooden birds collections for you on Budivis

  • White Owl Figurine
  • This set is available in a minimum quantity of 24 pieces, and is perfect for indoor and outdoor décor. These are made-to-order pieces, and they are painstakingly handcarved by trained artisans in Bali. Though it is termed as a garden décor, you can also use place single pieces in certain corners of your home, to create the desired effect. The detailing on the feathers of this bird is unmissable, and you are sure to love this gift. For more details about the product and payment, please refer to

  • Black and White Realistic Miniature Bird
  • This is also available in a minimum quantity of 24 pieces. While the body is handpainted in a clever shade of white & black, the bird’s eyes, beak and legs are painted using a unique shade of orange, making the figurine look absolutely realistic. Don’t forget to miss out on the intricate detailing on the webbed feet design of the bird. Made by extremely talented artisans in Bali, this handcarved structure is a beautiful piece of garden décor, which you would love to flaunt about. For more details, you can visit,

  • White Wooden Bird Perched on a Tree
  • It is no surprise that this one has found a place for itself in wholesale Bali’s best wooden birds collection. This is a great piece of decoration on your center table, but it can also be an integral part of your garden décor. The details on the body of the bird and the bark of the tree can be achieved only when it is handcarved. You can visit to know what we are talking about.

  • Colorful Wooden Bird
  • Do you love a dash of color and art when choosing handcarved wooden birds in Budivis? This one is a great choice for you - Available in a minimum quantity of 24 pieces, this black wooden bird has its body hand painted in all shades of yellow, green, brown, red and white, making it easy on the eye.

  • A Pair of Wooden Birds
  • This pair of white and blue, handcarved wooden birds should make for essential pieces of any décor. They are attractive, reliable, handcrafted and realistic. Visit for more details.

    We hope you pick up your favorite wooden birds decorations from these to light up your space effortlessly.

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