Although generally an age-old spiritual endeavor, meditation has certainly caught up with the times as they are now accompanied by mechanical devices. One may have the notion that the practice of meditation negates anything which is “of this world” as it is basically centered on the ethereal dimension of oneself, but that may no longer be the case. Meditation as a step-by-step process is characterized by regular intervals. When practicing meditation, the mind progressively focuses from a lower level to a higher level. In this endeavor, concentration is gradually intensified. To neophytes of meditation, the enterprise of mastering this skill may require much effort.

Being a discipline of the mind which is the ultimate regulator of the whole being, it may take considerable exertion to eventually be adept in meditation. The regular intervals as an inherent aspect of meditation are moments of respite for the mind until it commences into another level. To amateur meditators who have not yet developed the innate mechanism to signal these intervals, a meditation clock may come in handy. As constantly checking the duration of meditation intervals can be frustrating and would disrupt the mind’s centeredness, using a meditation clock to go with a meditation practice can be helpful.

What is a meditation clock capable of doing? A meditation clock can be multifunctional but has been so designed to guide meditation by its progressive chiming. A meditation clock usually features a gradual 10-minute alarm which enables the mind to slowly come out of its reverie. It is generally inadvisable to jar the mind into a state of abrupt awareness, thus a meditation clock usually has low pitches to its chimes. A meditation clock can be quite interesting as it has been devised to instigate a slow and gradual awakening which is capable of improving one’s ability to recall dreams as well as to develop logical dreaming.

The spiritual may have gone with the technological as there are online sites wherein a meditation clock can be downloaded. For effective meditation, a meditation clock offers the advantages of beeping at steady intervals between 1 minute to 99 hours and it stops after counting from 1 to 999. Up to 32767 meditation processes can be stored in a meditation clock and it is also capable of beeping once during every interval and can come with big start and stop buttons. A meditation clock can come in different brands, therefore a meditator has several options to choose from to aid for his quest of self-attunement.

Depending on the meditation process, a suitable meditation clock must be utilized and it is preferable if the practicing meditator is comfortable with the meditation clock’s functions and features. The paradox of a mechanical device aiding a spiritual endeavor may prove to be revolutionary as it aims to make beginners of meditation achieve their desired personal goals with greater convenience. Even as the technological world is capable of driving an individual out of his wits, so too can the technology of a meditation clock put a person back into himself. The meditation process may be upgraded with a meditation clock, but the core of meditation which is for a person to find himself still transcends the ages.

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