Prostatitis is common in mles. It can also appear in the prostate for some reasons, which will make men have discomfort symptoms such as frequent urination, urgency, and pain, and bring inconvenience to men's work and life.

Prostatitis, especially chronic prostatitis, may cause various infections of the body and even bring a particular burden to the kidney, leading to uremia and renal failure if patients can not receive active treatment.

Doctors believe that people in the early stage of prostatitis, if no symptoms, can get relief as long as they pay more attention to lifestyle, regular review, and examination. If the symptoms continue to develop, have affected regular work and life, they need to start treatment.

Antibiotics are effective in the early stage of prostatitis. As long-term use of antibiotics may produce drug resistance, reduce drug resistance, so herbal medicine Diuretic and Anti-inflammatory Pill treatment is a wise choice. It can eliminate symptoms and causes and will not bring any harm to the body.

Patients should avoid four kinds of diet methods that are easy to aggravate the symptoms.

1. Spicy food

Some spicy food such as green onion, raw garlic, pepper, and other spicy food can cause vasodilation and organ congestion. Some patients with chronic prostatitis habitually eat spicy food, which can be controlled when the disease symptoms are severe. Still, they relapse when the symptoms are relieved, which is also a fundamental reason for prostatitis to delay and difficult to cure.

Therefore, to avoid chronic congestion of prostate tissue for a long time and repeatedly, men should avoid spicy food. Chronic prostatitis patients must overcome these bad habits, especially in the remission period of the disease. Don't aggravate the illness because of temporary pleasure, leading to long-term pain.

2. Cold drink

In the summer, men love 35 drinks, frozen beer, a little barbecue, beer, red wine, Liquor and Spirits, and particular alcohol. For men with prostate hyperplasia, they must have good mouths. And too cold food, such as ice cream, frozen watermelon, and so on, if you still eat, under the influence of food, it is easy to lead to congestion and swelling of the prostate. This situation will hinder the local excretion of urine, may lead to aggravation of the disease.

Similarly, keep away from overheated food. It can lead to congestion and swelling, aggravating the disease.

3. Irritating food

Prostatitis patients are sensitive to irritating food. Clinically, many patients with prostatitis will appear urinary obstruction symptoms after eating irritating food. It may be because the irritating food in the body will stimulate the body so that the prostate has been pathological congestion, edema, and pressure caused by the urethra.

The typical irritating products are dog meat, mutton, sparrow meat, deer meat, pig head meat, leek, etc., which are not edible food for prostatitis patients.

4. Seafood

Trace elements are closely related to human reproductive function. Therefore, eat high zinc content of food is conducive to the rehabilitation of prostatitis. But seafood is also a double-edged sword. There are many kinds of seafood, some of which will stimulate the prostate and cause inflammation.

Because seafood and fish are high protein food, and shellfish and crustaceans contain protein, most of them are coat hook protein. For some men with the allergic constitution, it is a kind of "irritating food." Excessive consumption will stimulate the body of prostate, thus causing or aggravating inflammation.

Eat healthy to live healthily. In addition to diet, people should also keep a good lifestyle, reduce the sedentary time, not hold urine for a long time, drink more water, urinate more, eat more fresh vegetables and fruits, and exercise properly to improve the constitution.

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