CV writing has always been an art; you need to get the right balance of content, style and tone to hold the reader’s attention so as to increase their interest and get them to invite you in for an interview. A CV writing service is becoming an increasingly popular option in the UK and particular in London. Competition is at its highest point for many years with more graduates and in influx of qualified people moving to London from across the world. Recent research has showed the market for CV writing services, London particularly, has double over the last five years. CV writing has increased in importance significantly to the point where the average role in London has 82 CV applications. It’s harder to stand out than ever before.

What can a CV writing service offer? A professional writing and review service uses a career professional to correct and improve you CV which further makes the CV look professional summary talking about your skills, talent and expertise. They will help you format it to the modern conventions and show you how to bring out your most impressive skills for the reader to pick up on. CV optimisation plays a key role in this. This is when a CV is completely tailored to a role that is to be applied for. CV optimisation involves considerable research into the company and job. Looking into what the company’s perfect candidate would be. Writing a CV with this in mind is what makes the real difference. There are a number of companies and individuals who offer these services and they have varying degrees of experience. It is fundamental to choice a CV writing service that has a good track record. Adducology, a career and student consultancy are one of the most trusted in London. They have a number of professional writers and industry professionals who give a personal service. They boast rich industry expertise and knowledge in writing a CV in a professional format.

Professional resume writing should be taken seriously and seen as an investment as your resume becomes effective and more informative for the recruiter. A good resume which is informative always binds the attention of reader and further gets maximum selection calls. A CV writing service normally costs around £150 and takes some considerable effort. However, research has shown that it is possible to increase salaries by up to 12% with a good CV. Your career is one of the most important elements of your life, you probably spend more time at work than doing any other activity so it’s important your living the life you want to live.There really is a lot to play for, it and give people a huge advantage going to an interview. So take up CV writing service so as to get an informative resume.

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Adducology, the career services and student consultancy have CV writing services London based. These are for both graduates and professionals, more details can be found at adducology.