We always wish for a steady income, a comfortable house, and financial security. There is only one thing that can give us all this. It is what we call a good profile job. However, unlike earlier times, today, there is stiff competition in various fields. Everybody aims to reach the epitome of success and constantly strives hard to gain that level. Similarly, there is also a wide range of career options that are available for the youth of today. However, still, there are many such sectors which provide both job security and a steady income. In such job opportunity available in today's world, is in the banking sector. Banks have grown in large numbers all over India and require a good management to carry out its various responsibilities. Therefore, all over India, throughout the states, various banks exams are held for different posts, which recruit the most potential and worthy candidate. However, the times change, and a new system has been introduced to conduct these exams. It is called the common written exam. This exam will be conducted in 2011 for the first time in India. It is a unique strategy which involves large scale recruitment for the post of Bank PO.

The term "Common Written Exam" in itself, signifies its purpose. It is a common platform given to the aspiring candidates, for recruitment as a bank po. There are 19 banks which have supported this effort, and actively taken part. These banks are well known public sector banks of India. The exam will be commenced in later part of the year 2011. It will be a direct entry into the 10 prestigious banks that have volunteered to be a part of this new Endeavour. All the candidates participating in this exam will share a common syllabus and question paper. The candidates clearing this exam would be given a score card, which would represent their scores in various subjects. Later, if any vacancy arrives, in any of the 19 participatory banks, the candidates can show their score card and directly reach the interview round. Thus, it would take up less time and would not even compromise on the quality.

This novelty in the recruitment procedure is made by the Institute of Banking Personnel. It is a well -established organization and also a large recruiter for the banking sector. It has a large well- trained team of professors who would decide the syllabus and also design the question paper.

Thus, CWE represents the rapid change in structure of recruitment, as provided by the government. It aims at ensuring an unbiased and honest recruitment procedure, which would later on be adopted by many other banks.

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