Cyber Monday is America’s biggest online shopping day. It comes right after Thanksgiving and has become the traditional super-shopping day online.

Here are a few tips to help you navigate through the Cyber Monday Sales in 2020.

1. Fix Your Budget

The first rule of Cyber Monday and all holiday shopping is to set up your budget before you do anything else.Try to set your budget in a way that allows you a little wiggle room because even though you might have planned on specific gifts, some may be slightly over budget.

2. Create Your Holiday List Well in Advance

It will also ensure a backup option in case some items are sold out and are unavailable. Make sure to have a Plan B for each person unless you are shopping well in advance of the holidays.

3. Check Return Policies and Fees

Before you purchase anything, check out a retailer’s return policies and fees. Reputable retailers always have information concerning their return policies on their websites.

4. Avoid Upsells and Add-Ons

Remember to stay within your budget. Every time you buy online, you will be offered other add-ons. If they are not on your list or are budget busters, then move on.

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