A lot of people have experienced lower back pain. The mild type can fade away after one or two days without treatment. However, many people's backache signs will repeatedly break out, not simply having an effect on their living behaviors and causing reduced function performance, but also place plenty of mental stress on them.

prostatitis and seminal vesiculitis respectively.

4. It might stimulate tuberculosis. If you had tuberculosis before, and still have irritation in the urethra or abnormal urinary sediments after receiving active antibiotic treatment, it may be an important symptom of the tuberculosis induced by cystitis.

For women:

1. It may cause unusual urination. Female patients can feel a burning pain in the urethra. In severe situations, it is similar to urinary incontinence, accompanied by frequent and urgent urination.

2. There may be irregular peeing. The urine may be cloudy and have a putrid odor and pus cells. Sometimes, hematuria will break out at a later stage.

3. It can invite perineal pain. When the bladder is filled fully, the pain in the superior pubic area will be obvious. While it can be alleviated after urination.

If you have cystitis, you have to cure it in time. If left untreated for a long time, it will give rise to more complications and make it hard to cure. Herbal treatments Diuretic and Anti-inflammatory Pill is an excellent method for both women and men, especially for those who are under the torture of chronic cystitis.

The pill has a strong anti-inflammatory ability and can cure urinary system diseases. Besides, they need a reasonable and wholesome diet to strengthen their body's nutrition. Always keep good habits and do more exercise, to promote the recovery of normal kidney function and body resistance.

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