Cystitis is a significant disease affecting the health of contemporary men and women. It is a common urinary tract infectious disease. The leading cause of the illness is virus infection. Generally speaking, E. coli is the primary pathogenic source.

Cystitis belongs to lower urinary tract infections. In most cases, pathogens enter the bladder and reproduce in the bladder, which will cause the inflammatory reaction of the bladder wall. After the bladder wall is stimulated, it will show frequent urination, urgency, and pain. It is the main clinical manifestation of cystitis. Sometimes, patients may also have hematuria, especially hematuria visible to the naked eye. The urine is bright red or the color of the meat washing water sample.

The treatment methods for cystitis are generally shown in the following points:

1. The general treatment of cystitis is for patients with mild symptoms. They can increase the urine volume by drinking more water, paying more attention to rest and a balanced diet, and paying attention to some dietary taboos.

The general treatment of cystitis can be carried out by adjusting relevant life rules or the symptoms caused by cystitis in patients with hot water hip baths. General therapy mainly stresses that patients should develop good living habits, increase physical resistance, and slowly make patients with mild illness recover correctly.

2. The standard treatment of cystitis is an antibiotic treatment to eliminate bladder inflammation. In the first attack, patients can choose appropriate antibiotics for treatment according to urinary bacterial culture and drug sensitivity test results. Commonly used antibiotics include amoxicillin and norfloxacin. Generally, after taking antibiotics for about three to seven days, the symptoms disappear and begin to return to normal.

3. Patients with predisposing chronic cystitis can adopt targeted treatment. In the treatment, they need to find the cause of disease and remove the cause of diseases, such as urethral obstruction, bladder stones, or other foreign bodies. If the spread of other diseases leads to cystitis, they should start with pathogens to cure cystitis.

4. Traditional Chinese medicine is also an effective method to treat cystitis. Patients with poor antibiotic treatment effects are prone to recurrent attacks or stubborn drug resistance. At this time, it is not recommended to continue to use antibiotics. Maybe the patients have developed resistance to antibiotics. They can take care of the body through traditional Chinese medicine without side effects, cure cystitis and take care of the patient's body, such as Diuretic and Anti-inflammatory Pill.

5. For severe cystitis, surgery is recommended. For example, interstitial cystitis is generally treated with electrocautery or electrocautery, followed by bladder perfusion. Surgical treatment of cystitis may cause physical injury. Surgical treatment is generally not recommended if it is not the last resort.

Cystitis is a common disease of the urinary system. General treatment of cystitis should pay attention to the way of infection and pay attention to its nursing.

The prevention of cystitis is essential. Mainly from the following four aspects:

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