We all have grown up hearing our grandmother’s tales of how long, lustrous and black their hair used to be in their heydays. But alas, gone are those times and despite a lot of efforts, we struggle to keep our hair healthy and thick. Many external and internal factors like pollution, chemical treatments, rise in stress levels etc cause the hair to bear the brunt. Most of us suffer from hair fall, hair thinning, lack of shine, breakage, split ends and even premature graying. One of the best solutions to fight these unwarranted problems is regular oiling that helps in strengthening the hair roots and follicles, making them healthy and vigorous.

Dabur Amla Hair oil is one such solution to counter most of the hair issues -- filled with goodness of amla and other herbal products. The oil is non-sticky and well fragrant. It not only enriches the hair from the strands but also nourishes the roots and follicles, helping them to grow faster and stronger. Packed with amla, that is rich in vitamin C and antioxidants, this hair oil works amazingly well for the scalp as well. Amla helps to keep the scalp infection, dandruff and bacteria free, making it smell fresh and clean.

The best way to apply Dabur Amla hair oil is to massage for at least 10 minutes on the scalp and leave it overnight. Next day, wash off with cold water and a mild shampoo and use it at least thrice a week for best results.

The best thing about the oil is that it is an unadulterated, scientific concoction of the purest mineral and vegetable oil extracts of herbal and natural ingredients like mineral oil, canola and cotton seed oil and extracts of amla. Hence, it does not cause any known adverse long term effects to hair texture. The correct ratio of these oils not only nurtures the scalp but also provides a glossy look to the hair and keeps them silky. Regular use of the oil also helps protect hair from weather extremities, hair fall, harmful effects of sun’s ultraviolet rays and premature graying. A massage of the heated oil can also help one relax and ease out stress. It also helps promote sleep and rejuvenate the mind.

Amla is known to strengthen the hair and promote growth and the oil helps in doing that. Those looking for long, lustrous and shiny hair should apply the hair regularly and see a marked difference in their hair quality. Many of you who are resistant to strong fragrances might get a little put off but to counter that, the oil can be diluted with a little bit of coconut oil and the strong smell will not be there anymore.

Those looking for tips for thick hair should definitely go in for Dabur Amla hair oil, which costs only rupees 34 for 100 ml. But one must be a little cautious as well since over-application of the oil can also lead to scalp dryness. The reason is that if used in excessive amounts, the anti-oxidants in the fruit can wash off the moisture from the scalp. Dryness of scalp leads to dandruff, flaking and even severe hair fall that leads to baldness.

Dabur Amla hair oil today is one of the most used hair care products with over 30 million customers. A bottle of the hair oil can be easily kept for use till three years. Keep these hair care tips in mind and suitable use it for a long, thick and shiny mane that can make you a star!

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