If you want to become a millionaire, you need to learn to act like one. There are a variety of ways to get there: an inheritance, successful small business, lucrative career, profitable real estate holdings, or smart investing. Some of the fortunate members of the seven-figure club have shared some of their secrets that helped them build wealth.

And, as you will see below, most of them can be mimicked too - from keeping a long-term outlook and controlling spending to getting an early start. To join their club, you need to develop that millionaire mindset. Follow these simple tips:

Studying. You should never go a day without learning. And learning can happen in all forms: talking to a coach, reviewing and replying to comments, watching videos, reading books, newspapers and dictionaries. Reading is most important, so put your phone in another room while you are reading. Plus, it is well known that a millionaire can afford to miss a meal, but definitely can't afford to miss a book. You need to work on your craft. You may have the talent, but without some exercises you have nothing.

Goal Setting and Planning. Write down everything you want to achieve for the month, year and decade. This activity will help you step over the small problems in your life and make you think bigger. For instance, if you want to live a good life within the next ten years, you should list some ideas that correspond with it, like a Rolls-Royce, 10 bedroom mansion with a pool, personal chef and yacht.

When you finish your list, you will get excited about where your life is heading. Make a plan how to achieve them. Break down those goals into days, week, months and years. Once you do that, you will have to come up with some steps to accomplish everything.

Stay Connected. Don't wait for phone calls or e-mails to come to you. Instead, make an effort to reach out to the people you need. Make this your daily habit. Follow the "Rule of 10" or send 10 emails, 10 phone calls and 10 text messages every day. Write blogs and share them on your social media accounts.

Exercise and Relax. If you want to be a millionaire, your body must perform at the highest level. Think about preparing your body by exercising. You can workout three to five times a week for an hour a day. By doing this you will gain unprecedented endurance and get all your work done on time.

And if you don't learn how to relax, you will end up wasting your precious time you could have saved. Cooking, listening to music or having a conversation with your loved one can help you abscond from the worries in your life.

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