Aries: How to make more money could be the burning question. Proven methods & persistence are the answer. No shortcuts.

Taurus: Carefully weigh risks in personal or business growth. You may have to let something go in order to have more or be more.

Gemini: Clean up the hard drive of your consciousness. What old dreams or plans on hold are slowing down the processing speed?

Cancer: Has someone overstayed their welcome? Time to say so. New organization & rules may be needed to enhance home life.

Leo: Children or a pet may cause you to spend money. In business, listen to others & focus on one thing. Myriad ideas can wait.

Virgo: In planning a trip or a relocation, both time & money could be a deciding factor. You may have to adjust for one or the other.

Libra: Like it or not, you may have to rise to a new level of responsibility that involves more detail, accountability or legalities. Maturity.

Scorpio: The mirror effect is strong. Whatever energy you project comes right back to you through others. Avoid blame games.

Sagittarius: Address concerns you have over principles or ideals with an organization or group. If they won't shift, you might.

Capricorn: You may be carving a new creative niche in career or changing your work image. Momentum is building - don't quit.

Aquarius: Sharing a personal experience or point of view can open new doors. You will receive acceptance, not criticism.

Pisces: You can be organized & handle the financial end of business in a stable, practical way if you believe you can. Faith in self.

The moon is winding down it's transit through the cardinal fire sigh of initiating Aries today. Before it enters the fixed earth sign of grounded, thorough Taurus early this evening, it joins Jupiter in Taurus and opposes Saturn in Libra. You may meet oppositions of your own when you attempt to initiate things today. Everyone wants to do things their way. With the square between Mars in Virgo and Mercury in Sagittarius still scattering mental and physical energy, it is especially important that you slow down, look and listen and consider the other person's point of view (Saturn in Libra) before pushing your own. Cooperation and sharing are key lessons now. Rather than getting stuck on the "how" of things, focus on the "what". If you and the other person can clarify and harmonize on an objective, there will be less resistance. The trine between Saturn in Libra and Neptune in Aquarius suggests that there are alternate means to achieving your goal, if you can be open and receptive. Neptune also forms a pleasant sextile to the moon conjunct Jupiter. A challenge may be just what you want now, anyway. When things come too easily, they are rarely appreciated or valued as much as the thing that demand work and struggle. You may welcome the opportunity to work now that the holidays are behind you.

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