Aries: Travel or communication related to work will yield good results by the end of the work day. Relax & play tonight.

Taurus: A friend may tell you to think reasonably, but best results come from feeling things intuitively. Trust your instincts.

Gemini: Think beyond what YOU want to help you find a direction in providing a product or service that will be in demand.

Cancer: Team effort or finding an assertive, active organization to work with, or for, helps you get past stumbling blocks.

Leo: Sharing creative ideas or some leisure time with friends can lead to a business deal or profitable connections.

Virgo: Real estate or investments may be your focus now. Personal or business finances are due for a review & revision.

Libra: Who can you help or who can help you? The seeking & sharing of information may lead to joint ventures.

Scorpio: Are you afraid to ask for money for your service or products? Do you silently stew over it? Time to change that!

Sagittarius: Be open to adventure, creativity or a new view, possibly brought to you by a friend or family member. Expand.

Capricorn: You see the silver lining in a dark cloud area of life now. Apply positive thought & decide to aim higher.

Aquarius: The urge to get away from your routine & daily stresses may be satisfied by catching up with friends at a distance.

Pisces: Patience is more than a virtue - it may be your work now. Charge appropriately for time spent healing or counseling.

The moon in the mutable fire sign of Sagittarius supports expansive Jupiter in material minded, patient Taurus today, helping you to make lemonade from lemons, find ways to progress or assist other people to get their act together. Mercury in Pisces quincunx Saturn in Libra keeps issues of relationship and ideals on the front burner for many people now. Relationships of all kinds are subject to the fun house mirror effect this quincunx may impart. The mind wants to believe appearances, but knows there is a distorting element at work. Later this afternoon, the Sagittarius moon forms a trine to the sun in Aries. Physical activity, competitive sports, exploration, an adventure, or change of scenery calls now, and you would do well to answer. Watching a comedy or adventure film is a good second choice if physical activity is not possible. Use the fast burning, high energy of the moon and sun together tonight to set positive intentions for tomorrow, before retiring this evening.

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Dunnea Rae is a professional astrologer with over 20 years of experience in natal chart interpretation and relationship analysis. She offers her services at