Aries: Thoughts of income, career & your future are strong & positive. They help you overcome blocks or resistance.

Taurus: Continue planning a trip, writing, teaching or learning. The "how" or the funds arrive after the commitment.

Gemini: A blessing of some kind arrives. Appreciation & gratitude counteracts fear as you gain the upper hand, internally.

Cancer: Love blooms out of friendship, or you reconnect with a mate, as a friend. Listen to & acknowledge others.

Leo: This sounds strange, but you feel secure when there IS work & enjoy rising to the occasion when there IS a challenge.

Virgo: Plans or changes are welcome now, as they bring you closer to people, places or things that are good for you.

Libra: Finding point of balance can be tough for a Libra, but you find it now. It helps you clarify goals & manifest materially.

Scorpio: Some may be planning a wedding, a business, a family addition or establishing a trust, estate, or will. Security first.

Sagittarius: You feel you must do something that shows you are financially secure, prosperity minded or responsible.

Capricorn: If you don't love your work, today's energy can help you figure out how to change that or create what you do love.

Aquarius: Shift happens. Transformation at a soul level comes from asking yourself questions & listening for answers.

Pisces: Spruce up your relationships - be the kind of friend you'd like to have! Catch up with your online friends, too.

The moon in the cardinal earth sign of Capricorn begins the day with the power and passion of Pluto in Capricorn intensifying emotions, especially the serious, do-or-die kind. As the moon continues on it's course through the sign of Capricorn, it leaves Pluto behind by late afternoon, and forms a solidifying, manifesting trine to abundant Jupiter in Taurus. Use this powerful positive energy to counteract the current uncertain, disturbed energy which surrounds Venus in Gemini and Mars in Virgo. With Mars in detail oriented Virgo opposing Neptune in Pisces, you may tend to see things as hopeless, if begin to look for reasons why something will fail before you even start. mars quincunx Uranus in Aries, and Venus in Gemini sextile Uranus are both itching for change and new things, but retrograde Mars opposing Neptune in vague Pisces, may see the glass half empty. But the curious creativity of Venus in Gemini sextile Mercury and quincunx Pluto can't be repressed. Whether you win or lose, succeed or fail, isn't really the issue. The desire to try - even if Mercury in Pisces quincunx Saturn in Libra makes you try something out of skepticism - may be energy enough to allow the moon/Jupiter trine to bring you a major gift or blessing today.

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