Aries: New plans for work or self improvement? Examine them realistically, write them down & wait to launch next week.

Taurus: Spend most of the day writing, reading or creating art of some kind. Startling insight follows creative expression.

Gemini: Becoming suddenly popular or having greater recognition for your work may mean less privacy or quiet alone time.

Cancer: You may become defensive when you pursue desires today. A desire to win could cause competition to appear.

Leo: You may make a sale, receive unexpected money or have a change of plans that leads to a prosperous mindset.

Virgo: Busy to the max! Remember to eat & take breaks or you may short circuit. You may say "aha!" or "at last!" today.

Libra: Secrets may emerge that cause you to see the past in a new way. Justification or rectification, possibly around love.

Scorpio: You may discover the "something no one else does as well as you do" that leads you toward a new level of success.

Sagittarius: Sheer bravado or a "What have I got to lose?" attitude can make you win in a big way in love, money or both.

Capricorn: Try to be patient with people who ask a lot of questions now or who fail to heed your wise or practical advice.

Aquarius: Contemplate your business ideas or plans for change in your current work. A new schedule or environment is imminent.

Pisces: Curb an impulse to give money to a cause, spend without comparing prices, or allowing a partner full control of finances.

The moon enters the cardinal fire sign of assertive, action oriented Aries today, where it joins Uranus, the planet of change and impulse, and Mercury, the planet of thoughts, speech and transportation. All together, this restless trio forms a quincunx to Mars in Virgo. Slow down and look twice before leaping! Don't text while driving or walking! But most likely, it is is time for you to leap! Or nearly time. The new moon is fast approaching and this vibe of pioneering, inventive and purposeful energy is making you feel the new moon energy of a fresh cycle, before it is even here yet. But it is soooo close, so make your plans and work out the details before your launch. For many of the signs today, creativity or handling material things can keep your hands busy and help you enter that state of no time, where brilliance and fresh ideas are waiting to be seen. Even though the self assertive qualities of sun in Aries are still cooled down a bit by the opposition of the sun to Saturn in Libra, there are other favorable aspects in place today that can help you make things happen. The sun forms a trine to Mars in Virgo and a sextile to Neptune in Pisces. Practical solutions to problems can be found and there is an element of grace, or exception to rules, today, as well. Use the positive power of Pluto in Capricorn trine both Jupiter in Taurus and Mars in Virgo to capitalize on any little advantage, or break, you are given. Purposeful work on the material level is where the energy is focused today.

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