Aries: Rapid fire words & ideas put you on the podium or at the hub of a group. You move, shake & inspire others now.

Taurus: The golden Midas Touch is with you when you follow intuition or do creative things that make you happy. Smile!

Gemini: Work, socializing & romance are on your plate, but leave time to meditate or connect with nature. Ground yourself.

Cancer: It takes time to fit into a new job, neighborhood or social group. Keep smiling, talking, networking - you'll "arrive".

Leo: Peak potential today for success or "yes". Approach groups or organizations that can promote or finance you.

Virgo: Your multitasking & communication skills help you solve problems. You may develop a plan "A" & a plan"B".

Libra: Decide& assert yourself, make a stand. Passive/aggressive will not bring the change or outcome that you desire.

Scorpio: Ignore anything or anyone that detracts from your intuition, gut instincts, personal truth or creative expression now.

Sagittarius: Have a date with your mate to discuss the future, shared dreams, finances. Singles may meet a potential mate.

Capricorn: Does your environment, wardrobe or appearance suit the role you wish to create in your life? Adjust as necessary.

Aquarius: Creative ideas or a hobby can become a profitable home based business. Plan, create, share it with friends!

Pisces: The power of positive thinking may manifest a gift or surprise that could come through a friend or organization.

A tingle of excitement over possibilities may increase to full blown happiness today as the moon in the mutable air sign of imaginative, curious, social Gemini approaches, and then joins, Venus in Gemini later this evening.

First, I will mention the pitfalls or dangers that may undermine a perfect manifesting day. In the early part of the day, as you feel that tingle growing, the moon is also part of a T-square involving action oriented Mars in detail oriented Virgo, and inspirational Neptune in dreamy, sensitive Pisces. When that tingle arises, you may be inclined to sensor your your growing excitement and find excuses or rationalizations for why something good couldn't happen to you, or why you shouldn't be creatively expressive or follow a dream or idea. Ignore that. There is also a square between Mercury (ideas, speech) conjunct Uranus (change, genius, uniqueness) in pioneering, assertive Aries and Pluto (power, control, intensity, upheaval) in structured, patriarchal, established Capricorn. You may find yourself thinking, "I can't change anyone or ideas are not so unique - no one will accept them ... I shouldn't even try, I will never succeed - it's just too hard....I'm just a nobody...yada, yada, yada." Wow, I got tired just writing that! Those are the trolls under the bridge.

The bridge itself is very strong and secure today. The overall energy of mighty manifesting, production, persistence, determination and happiness is locked in place like a bridge to take you from idea to form, through a wonderful combination of positive planetary aspects. There is a Grand trine in earth signs, with the sun in steady, fruitful Taurus, Mars in practical, purposeful Virgo, and Pluto in success driven Capricorn. Jupiter in Taurus trines Pluto, which can bring goodies like getting an upgrade from economy to first class for free, or discovering you have an extra $20 in your pocket, or buying a profitable piece of property - it makes everything good, better. And finally, the moon conjunct Venus in Gemini forms a sextile to Mercury conjunct Uranus in Aries, helping to counteract the negative self talk with just enough "Yes, I can!" to push things from potential to actual manifestation. Happiness, joy, excitement and anticipation are the magic ingredients that can make your day truly, surprisingly wonderful by the time you turn into bed this evening.

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Dunnea Rae is a professional astrologer with over 20 years of experience in natal chart interpretation and relationship analysis. She offers her services at