Due to the extremely active planetary energy and multiple houses activated by the aspects today, I find the writing of individual horoscopes to be extremely challenging - not to mention - I was in and out the door unexpectedly this morning due to a science poster that didn't make it to school with my son on the first trip out the door, and then out the door again when I discovered that my daughter's cat refused to use the new brand of litter I put in her pan last night! Basically, we are all busy with nearly every area of life, no matter what our sign happens to be, and any move made in one area will impact the other areas - mostly for the better - but not without a need for integration.

The moon is now in the cardinal water sign of emotionally sensitive Cancer, where it creates a challenging T-square with transformational, intense Pluto in reserved Capricorn, and Mercury conjunct Uranus in pioneering, assertive Aries. The cardinal signs are all have leadership energy and like to give the orders, so you can see the possible ramifications of this T-square. You may meet up with moodiness, arrogance, or a cold shoulder today if you step on anyone's toes or upset the natural order of things without consulting others first. We all know it's impossible to make everyone happy all of the time, and that certainly holds true today, when there are planets scattered all through the elements, creating not just one, but two Grand Trine aspect patterns, which together form a Star of David. Both the Grand Trines are part of a Kite configuration. So we may all be flying high in two - or more - directions with the talent and flow of many planets supporting us. When we fly a real kite, our kite is in the air, but our feet are on the ground and we use the string to control the kite. Today's T-square may help to bring our attention back to the ground and the string. Today's T-square may also remind us that we are all individually responsible for our own thoughts and emotions and have deep reserves of personal power. While the two Grand Trines offer the excitement of opportunities and potentials, we still must decide what is best for us. We can choose to change directions or change our thoughts today and take new opportunities. The best way to make a decision now, during this Cancer moon transit, is to listen to our intuition. We often feel our "gut response" better during a Cancer moon transit because intuitive, emotional Cancer rules the stomach. What path feels like home? Where do you feel a sense of belonging? Does your action or choice result in sustenance for body, mind or spirit, for yourself, your family or people in general?

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Dunnea Rae is a professional astrologer with over 20 years of experience in natal chart interpretation and relationship analysis. She offers her services at www.alohaastro.com