Aries: Some may not get your humor or take things the wrong way. Easier to hold your tongue than explain or apologize.

Taurus: If you've done the preliminary investigation, go ahead & invest or spend without fear or guilt. Why limit your pleasure?

Gemini: No matter how you work at creating your reality now, some things are outside of your control. Blessings in disguise?

Cancer: Spend for your own pleasure or comfort, not to impress. Don't begrudge money spent on tools, skills or information.

Leo: Personal time to create or play may be more productive or profitable than adhering to a work schedule today.

Virgo: Pins & needles while you wait to hear about something. You could be close to a dream but afraid to get hopes up.

Libra: Ask for feedback or be critiqued. Friends or advisers may offer a springboard to success if you can adjust.

Scorpio: More exposure or self assertion can be frightening but leads to success. Fire images, orange or dark purple help.

Sagittarius: How can you share info & profit from it or how can you make money while traveling? Seminar cruise, perhaps?

Capricorn: A step back in money or delayed project plans feels limiting but may herald a better future. Cautious creativity.

Aquarius: Do you feel disconnected? Repeating yourself? Going in circles? It's planetary. Better to laugh than cry or yell.

Pisces: Reward yourself, boast how great your work is, ask to get paid - or accept being taken for granted. Assert & affirm!

The moon in the fixed fire sign of ardent, creative, playful and bold Leo moves closer to action oriented Mars in particular Virgo as the day progresses. The moon may present some emotional challenges due to a square to Jupiter in Taurus and an opposition to Neptune in Pisces. This reminds me of my son slurping the bottom of a large milkshake I made for him yesterday. Did he say, "Thanks, Mom, that was great!" No. With a look of mild disappointment and greed, he said, "Is there more?" The Leo moon brings out the child in everyone, and with today's square and opposition, we may not all behave like happy, kind or grateful children. The biggest, most wonderful thing may happen or you receive something you've wanted, only to say, "Is there more?" We all know the let down that follows a big shopping spree. The pendulum may also swing in the other direction for some people now. They may hold back on pursuing what they want or doing what they really want to do, when they should allow themselves the pleasure of creating, sharing or playing. What is life without pleasure? Mercury in Aries brings us some interesting energy. It opposes restrictive, serious Saturn in the relationship minded sign of Libra, but forms a supportive sextile to affectionate Venus in friendly, curious Gemini. Venus in Gemini trines Saturn in Libra. First, we can all learn new ways of looking at things now, and we certainly should keep our minds open and our communication polite. Second, if we say things impulsively or act in a rude way, other people will understand, correct us kindly, and forgive us if we use the right words and are sincere. Creative, childlike energy now indicates we may benefit from turning work time into play time or seeking out activities that stimulate our imagination or make us move our bodies. The earthy Grand Trine is still with us, as well, helping to build bank accounts or solid business plans. For today, play nice, be polite and kind. Remember to say, "Please, thank you, forgive me."

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