Aries: Gather what you need to help you formalize plans or prove something. Inspiration must mix with information.

Taurus: Business or money issues make you turn fey today. An ounce of craziness may be worth a pound of profit.

Gemini: The idea that you CAN have it all seems crazy, yet you may brainstorm to find a perfect home based, family business.

Cancer: Circumstances or events reveal the power of thoughts & emotions in the creation of your personal reality.

Leo: A burning desire to express your creativity, interact with people & make money leads you to explore new opportunity.

Virgo: A switching of roles is possible in work, home, or with parents or a partner. Circumstances demand a new view.

Libra: You switch directions or plans, as the purpose behind what you do shifts. New information or enlightenment.

Scorpio: If you have not yet monetized your creative abilities or sought an audience or venue for your art, now is the time.

Sagittarius: The same as Gemini's horoscope - but you have a larger leadership or initiating role to play. Assert yourself.

Capricorn: Believing something HAS to be, is the magic. You have no leeway for words like "can't" or "impossible".

Aquarius: Popularity or recognition in business is part luck, part persistence, part expectation, part showing up. Be there!

Pisces: Love yourself & what you do. People around you will either support you & reflect the best of you, or fade away.

The moon enters the mutable fire sign of optimistic Sagittarius today, lightening the emotional tone for us all. it's time to play a bit or get outside and burn off some tension through physical activity. A Grand Cross of the moon in Sagittarius opposing Venus in Gemini, Mars in Virgo opposing Neptune in Pisces, and the square aspects between the four planets involved, will heighten the intensity later this afternoon. With all four elements of fire, air, earth and water at odds with each other, you may feel pulled in many directions. The positive effect of a Grand Cross is that it can push you to become motivated and it increases self sufficiency, determination and the urge to make something happen. A real breakthrough may occur, but things may break all around, in the process. The quincunx of Mercury in Pisces to Saturn in Libra, and the quincunx between Mars in Virgo and Uranus in Aries, may cause you to look for ideas or means outside of your "normal". A last resort, that you thought you would never try, may be just the right way to go now. An "impossible dream" may be the only real option! With the moon in one of the most expansive, adventurous signs to help you keep your hopes high, take a chance and try something new. Truly, "nothing ventured, nothing gained". The planets indicate that staying in the present moment and using improvisation and flexibility are the best way to maximize results today.

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