Aries: Sharing stories, anecdotes, humor or creative ideas on the job makes the day fly by. Some may be traveling now.

Taurus: You can make an investment or purchase based on both facts & intuition. What you want, is what you get. Satisfaction.

Gemini: Other people seek you out for advice or ideas. You have the knowledge, experience, open mind & kind heart for the job.

Cancer: Ready, set, spend. Grab a partner & power shop. You get quality & value now while easily finding what you want.

Leo: You do your best work today, with creative flair or some showmanship. You can carve your own niche or brand what you do.

Virgo: Some Virgos seeking a dream home may find it now. Others enjoy decorating their nests with luxury or enduring fashion.

Libra: Extend invitations to friends or visit them in their homes. Today is busy with errands but full of fun socializing.

Scorpio: You could find the "next best thing since sliced bread" that makes people eager to hand you money. Confidence in sales.

Sagittarius: Wanderlust hits. If you can't travel now, you can scratch the itch with a cultural event, museum, ethnic dining.

Capricorn: A heart's desire may manifest today or your faith & trust in your Highest Good coming to you is sound. And so it is.

Aquarius: You appreciate friends or a mate today & may get uncharacteristically sentimental or dramatically expressive about love.

Pisces: You express your passion for what you do or the for the people you serve on the job. Some Pisces land a dream job.

The moon in the fixed fire sign of creative, ardent Leo forms many aspects to other planets as the day unfolds, keeping your energy output and spirits high. The most influential aspect today is a favorable, friendly trine between the Leo moon and the sun in optimistic, adventurous Sagittarius. If there is a way to play, laugh or be adventurous, you will choose that option over any other now. The moon in Leo also forms a quincunx to affectionate, pleasure seeking Venus in the success oriented sign of Capricorn. Playtime and adventure can be both fun and profitable or satisfying now. Some confusion or conflict could arise late in the afternoon when the Leo moon opposes Neptune in Aquarius but there are planetary checks and balances in place to act as mediators or encouragement if things seem impossible or people begin to disagree. The moon in Leo forms a sextile to Saturn in Libra, encouraging social harmony, and trines Jupiter in Taurus, indicating a positive "try, try again" attitude can make things materialize. Saturn in Libra is trine to Neptune in Aquarius, indicating surprises or miracles can happen and Neptune in Aquarius is sextile Jupiter in Taurus, as well, further supporting precipitation of material things from seemingly nowhere. "The Little Engine that Could" is a story that expresses today's energy very well. Group synergy directed to a goal can reach new heights now. Keep your mindset positive, join your energy with other positive people, and make the most of today.

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