Aries: Best behavior, patience with other people, courtesy are all necessary at work. A partner may want to control your time.

Taurus: Clear your to-do list, catch up on communications. Easy tasks could be prolonged by schedule of others you must consider.

Gemini: It takes commitment, attention, persistence to see a dream become reality. Distractions & play postpone completions.

Cancer: Friends or a partner may pull your attention away from the things you want to accomplish. You resist changes in plans.

Leo: Personal tasks, communication & organization come before paid work. You may be waiting to hear from customers or boss.

Virgo: The cost of something doesn't always match it's value. Avoid a bidding war, check reviews or put in a lower offer first.

Libra: Love/hate aspects of family or business relationships can make you react in a perverse manner. Rise above pettiness.

Scorpio: You utilize role playing or acting to hide your true feelings or to get through a social event. Deliberate, but kind, deception.

Sagittarius: If money or income is delayed from your usual sources, working or playing as you please can release blocks.

Capricorn: Your problem solving skills seem to come from a higher source but you wish people would stop presenting problems!

Aquarius: You may decide to use a method of clearing, release, forgiveness, hypnosis or subliminal programming now.

Pisces: Consider carefully before making a promise to a friend. Also, business plans may have no fall back or room for "What if?"

The moon in the cardinal air sign of Libra keeps your attention of relationships, partnerships, social etiquette, perfection, strategy, design, beauty, balance and the age old right/wrong dilemma. Communication and comparisons are the work of the day. As the day progresses, the moon joins Saturn, the planet of work, duty, responsibility, commitment and authority, in Libra and together, the moon and Saturn form a challenging T-square aspect pattern with expansive Jupiter in the earth sign of Taurus, and Venus, planet of affection, pleasure and comfort, in the reserved sign of traditional Capricorn. The holiday season always brings family issues and dynamics front and center. I feel that this T-square will make any family or relationship issue you have come up later today or this evening. Taurus represents the family as a whole and strives for harmony and security in the herd. Venus in Capricorn can represent old family traditions, wounds of love, caring authority figures, especially paternal. Saturn in Libra represents the married couple. Any dynamics that are emotionally uncomfortable, such as divorce, or family members who are not getting along or imposing their will because they think they know what is best for the family, may have to be addressed now. Hopefully, everyone can work out who goes to whose house, when, and who can or cannot sit next to each other at the holiday dinner table. Because this T-square involves the energies of material things, security, promises and commitments, I would advise against purchasing an expensive or romantic gift now, such as an engagement ring. I would also advise waiting for a less astrologically stressed time to propose marriage or formalize any other contracts or investments. Although the moon will leave Saturn behind quickly and enter Scorpio tomorrow, the T-square involving Saturn, Venus and Jupiter continues through the evening of Tuesday, the 20th, keeping your focus on smoothing out rough patches or using whatever resources you have at hand, rather than over extending yourself emotionally or materially.

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